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Wood Cleaner

Restore the natural beauty and condition of your wood furnishings and accessories. Our wood cleaner protects your most cherished possessions for generations. Apply a small amount of product and wipe with a clean, dry cloth to restore the natural essence to your wood furnishings.


Made from naturally derived ingredients, our wood cleaner contains water, alcohol ethoxylate (naturally derived alcohol), sodium gluconate (salt derived from glucose), sodium carbonate (baking soda) and has a fresh, neutral fragrance.


This product has received the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment certification.

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Fabric Cleaner

Preserve your upholstery with our fabric cleaner. This gentle solution is safe for the most delicate fabrics while removing red wine, dirt, ink, coffee, blood and most stubborn stains. Simply blot the stain, apply the product and let sit for five minutes and then gently rub until the stain disappears. Reapply, if necessary.


Made from naturally derived ingredients, our fabric cleaner contains water, dipropylene glycol n-butyl ether (highly effective household cleanser), anionic copolymer mixture (water soluble surfactant), hydrogen peroxide, aionic surfactant (binding agent), alcohol ethoxylate (natrually derived alcohol) and has a fresh, neutral fragrance.


This product has received the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment certification and has outperformed the competition on common stains in independent laboratory testing.

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Essential Cleaning Kit

The Essential Cleaning Kit includes four of our products: the wood, fabric, glass+surface and hand cleaners.  We have transformed your cleaning process to a lifestyle choice with highly effective,  yet gentle solutions safe enough for your delicate fabrics and finishes.

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Glass + Surface Cleaner

Our mulit-purpose glass+surface cleaner is highly effective on your home's surfaces, includng glass, stainless steel, tile, granite and marble. This gentle solution cleans thoroughly without the residue or streaks that other products leave behind.


Made from naturally derived ingredients, our glass + surface cleaner contains water, surfactant/complexing agent mixture (essential oils and surfactant combined to form a disinfecting agent), and has a fresh, neutral fragrance.


This product has received the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment certification.

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Hand Cleaner

The rich creamy lather of our hand cleaner helps protect your skin from harmful irritants. Our unique blend of natural ingredients softens your skin and leaves your hands revitalized. Apply a small amount into your palm, work into a lather and rinse.


Made from naturally derived ingredients, our hand cleaner contains water, sodium laureth sulfate (foaming agent), lauryl glucoside (coconut oil and sugar), cocamidopropyl betaine (coconut oil derived surfactant), sodium chloride (salt), isothiazolinone preservative (cosmetic preservative) and has a fresh, neutral fragrance.


This product has received the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment certification

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“I tried several spot removers to clean a stubborn coffee stain from my upholstery with little results. After using Simply Spotless, the coffee stain is finally gone! Love this product!” - Judy L



“Simply spotless fabric cleaner is truly incredible! It effectively removed several stubborn stains from fabrics and my upholstered bed. I tried countless other products, but they couldn’t approach the effectiveness of Simply Spotless. I find myself using it daily and won’t leave home without it, I even keep a bottle in my suitcase!” – Vivien H



“On two of my dining room chairs, covered in a white cotton material, I found some red wine stains that had been there for a few months, overlooked after my last dinner party. The chairs were more than ten years old and although used only infrequently, had picked up the normal household dust and dirt that accumulates with age. Because I liked the chairs so much, I wanted to keep them and so I tried a number of different products and methods to remove the stains. The only success I had was to change the color and size of the stains. I was ready to toss out the chairs and replace them when I was referred to the Simply Spotless fabric cleaner. I applied the cleaner as instructed and to my very great surprise, the chairs were brought back to a virtually “as new” condition. I look forward to using your other products as well, and feel I can recommend them without hesitation.” – Frank N



“The “Simply Spotless” assortment of cleaners is by far the best I’ve ever used! For years I’ve been looking for environmentally safe, yet robust products to clean and preserve fabrics and treasured items that have been handed down, or collected over the years. The Hand soap, Fabric cleaner, Wood cleaner and Glass and Surface spray all do an exceptional job, while leaving a soft, clean and neutral scent. The simple, sleek design of the containers allows you to keep them handy on kitchen or bath counters for easy access. I highly recommend these delightful products that preserve and protect personal “treasures” without harsh chemicals and overbearing odors. It’s about time that consumers can blend their desire to be environmentally responsible with products that really get the job done!” – Connie M



“Simply Spotless Hand Cleaner is a lovely addition to the kitchen. It is important to me that products be chemical free and work effectively. Simply Spotless is not heavily scented. It has a good consistency – light enough to rinse easily but heavy enough to clean the hands. It is smooth on the hands and not sticky. Simply Spotless Glass and Surface Cleaner cleans effectively with no need to rinse and with no harsh chemicals or chemical smell. I would recommend these products to anyone that wants to clean effectively but is concerned about chemicals effects on them as well as on the environment.” – Deb H



Meryl Santopietro Interiors is a multifaceted family design business which spans from New York to Miami and across the pond to London.


As an interior designer in business for more than twenty years, I realize the need for cleaning products as a lifestyle choice- highly effective, yet gentle solutions to protect and preserve the things that you love. After recognizing that clients desired a cleaning system that was effective, yet safe and pleasing to their senses, my daughters and I, collaborating with skilled chemists, created Simply Spotless New York.


Our environmentally conscious cleaning products are designed to be openly displayed on your countertops. These uniquely packaged products are formulated from naturally derived ingredients and produce professional quality cleaning results in your home.


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